The Collaboration Era — and the reasons to go along with it

For a very long time we were conditioned to believe everyone in our niche or market were competitors, but fortunately we have been seeing this concept changing, especially with the strong increase in the digital world.

Today, we see the importance of unity, connection and the exchange of experiences. And how much it adds to the value of the services. Together we get greater, go further and get there faster.

But what about the competition?

Every person has their own way of working, positioning and communicating. Do we really consume content only from one platform, person, Magazine? Not really, right?

Not doing what you like, what you know or what brings you satisfaction just because there is more of it out there makes no sense if we think about it. Yes, there are plenty of things already, but none with your view of life, your story, your way of communicating. And a lot of people will connect with YOURS and YOUR content.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.”

Depend only on us for something to be done is easier, but the truth is: whoever wants to grow and evolve no matter the subject on your life will need a hand. Or two. It is easy to get caught on trying to do everything by ourselves and at the same time, and so much better to have other people to help us on things we don’t know, don’t have time or are not able to do.

To ask for help and collaborate with other people enables us to go for and achieve bigger and better things. Also, working with other people and letting them combine their talents with ours, makes us pay attention in things we might be missing and definitely make our work better.

Someone to keep you accountable

It is very easy to not accomplish when we are the only ones in the story. People tend to finish projects or do whatever they were supposed to do when they have someone to keep their accountable or are waiting for something from them.

The appointment with the therapist, the project with the classmate or running in the morning with the personal trainer. Having someone to push you or to push makes us more faithful to our commitments.

Be with people who inspire you to become better

The people and the environment around us have a great influence on how we perceive and react to situations, and that is why is so important to be careful on how, and with who we spend our time.

Surrounding ourselves with who is always seeking to grow, be better and evolve, naturally will make us to follow the same paths. It is key to surround ourselves with people and situations that are align with who we want to become, and on how we want our lives to be transformed.

It brings you lots of learning

Which wouldn’t happen when we try to do everything by ourselves. It is to open the space for other people to lead, to receive feedbacks and learn new things from other people´s experiences. Everyone got their own story, a different background and it brings new conversations, ideas and perceptions to the table. And everyone have something to teach and something to learn, and that is what makes life interesting.


Moradora do mundo, me descobrindo entre textos, fotografias e experiências. Eu gosto é de conexão, eu quero o que faz meu coração vibrar.

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Renata Fraga

Moradora do mundo, me descobrindo entre textos, fotografias e experiências. Eu gosto é de conexão, eu quero o que faz meu coração vibrar.